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DaKine 420 Nitro Nutrients Advanced Hydroponic Fertilizer Starter Kit Contains:

1 Grow (200g) NPK: 15-0-15

Our top-rated nutrients formula for plants growth combines pure calcium, free of chloride, sodium and heavy metals, with nitrate nitrogen–the most efficient nitrogen source for superior plant growth. Nitro Nutrients GROW makes your plants explode and thrive throughout the growing season. [Grow Safety Data Sheet]

1 Base (200g) NPK: 3-13-26

Nitro Nutrients BASE provides the ideal ratios for maximum vegetative growth, leading to fast-flowering results and plants that will just ooze THC. Nitro Nutrients BASE teams up with GROW to provide all the micronutrients needed for accelerated plant growth. Our brilliant trace mineral package, all in one formula for the initial growth phase. [Base Safety Data Sheet]

1 Bloom (200g) NPK: 8-14-28

BLOOM rounds out the Nitro Nutrients trifecta of plants-growing excellence. This super-finishing formula supplies NPK in perfect balance (with 3 times more potassium than nitrogen) to assure high yields and trophy buds. [Bloom Safety Data Sheet]

Your plants will thrive with Dakine 420 super-soluble concentrated powdered nutrients, formulated in the perfect ratios for high yield. DaKine 420 fertilizers contain no fillers—and since they are powders—have a great shelf life and cost less to ship. With everything your plants need, and nothing they don’t.

pH Balanced
Lowest Heavy Metals in Industry
No Dyes
No Fillers
No Salt Build Up
Easy to Use Feed Chart
Water Soluble Powder
Clean. Won't clog feed lines
Increased THC levels