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Simplifying the science of soil, the Hydrofarm ActiveAir 3-Way pH with Light and Moisture Meter helps gardeners monitor the health and balance of their favorite plants. Great for use indoors or out, this piece doesn't require batteries for reliable use, season after season. Simply dip the meter into the soil and read moisture levels so you know when to water, pH levels so you know when to fertilize, and light levels so you know if you need to re-place. Perfect plants don't get easier than this!

Hydrofarm Dirt Genius provides ingenious solutions to your gardening problems. Their propagation mat products increase the success of your seedlings and cuttings by raising the rooting area's ambient temperature, which improves germination and rooting success. Lend Mother Nature a hand with Dirt Genius and watch your garden bloom. HYF1153
Active air 3-way meter
Tests garden's moisture, light and pH levels
Moisture readings register on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (moist)
Light readings range from 0 (low light) to 2000 (very strong light)
PH readings between pH 0 (acidic) and pH 10 (basic) are represented
Durable and easy-to-read tester
Product Type: Thermometer/Hygrometer
Solar Powered: Yes