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SKU: ILU-0008

The new, ILUMINAR Touch Controller is taking control of your gardens lighting to a level of simplicity that will allow any gardener to perfect their lighting schedule with just a few “touches”.

The ILUMINAR Touch Controller will control two zones or two separate rooms of lights within a 24-hour cycle. The controller will be able to turn groups of lights on and off, simulate sunrise and sunset, as well as apply several other functions like overheat protection, all easily from a touchscreen control. The ILUMINAR Touch Controller will now allow you to control up to 60 lights per zone or room, with two channels you can control up to a total of 120 lights. This will take even your beginner garden to the commercial level, all of these features packed into the ILUMINAR Touch Controller.

Not only can you control your lighting schedule, but the TOUCH Controllers rich feature set will give growers levels of control previously only available to the largest commercial grows.