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SKU: IL-T240

Our new iLogic LED grow lights allow growers to connect multiple fixtures using a single power cable. This cabling solution forms a fixture-to-fixture connection to the power source. Our grow light cables and grow light accessories eliminate the need for the typical mess of LED lighting cables, which have various fixtures with multiple cables running to several power sockets.

Cable Logic compatible with: iLogic & iLi6
Quick, Snap-on Waterproof Connections

IP67 Rated for wet environments

UL certified

UV prohibitory: light will not break the cables down

Reduce electrical wiring in a room

Reduce the cost of wiring

Safe for everyone working in the garden

Connect multiple fixtures to one breaker, saving on electricity and space

Safer than traditional wiring

120V-480V stable voltage

Speeds up the time to wire a room

Snap-together - No Cord Connection Issues
Please, contact Stellar for information regarding warranty.