ILUMINAR IL1 2.6 530W 1378 MMOL 347V LED

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    Introducing the ILUMINAR iL1 LED, bringing the heavy results of high micromole performance in a sleek single bar design. The il1 uses its thermal fin heat management system and an immense array of LEDs to produce a massive PAR output at 18” while competitors must perform lower than 7”. The iL1 low profile allows it to perform with a minimal shadow footprint in greenhouse conditions, where its high mounting position will still allow this LED to perform side by side with its HID counterparts. The ILUMINAR iL1 is available in the Full Spectrum, giving the master grower options to purchase for different applications. The iL1 LED is controllable to save even more energy in earlier stages of vegetation.

    SKU: IL-A153023-FSG-347