IL BAR IL23 2.5 50W 125UMOLS 120-277V 23"LED BAR F

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    The ILUMINAR iL Bar series LED is our small single bar design, straight off our iL and iLx series LED fixtures. These single units come in varied lengths and multiple different efficacies that range from 2.1 µmol/j to 2.5 µmol/j. The ILUMINAR iL Series bar comes in 23 -inch, 47-inch, and 63-inch lengths. The iL23 LED Bar comes with 50W of power providing up to 125 µmol/s, the iL47 has 85W with up to 216 µmol/s and the iL63 has130W with up to an amazing 260 µmol/s from a single unit. The ILUMINAR iL LED bar series is ideal for cloning operations of multiple tier configuration where conventional LED Arrays do not suit the needs of a confined space, or complex Micromole needs. The ILUMINAR iL Bar can also be equipped with multiple different spectrums to best suit any environment your facility demands.

    SKU: IL-2325FSG-120BAR