ILUMINAR BAR IL23 2.5 50W 125UMOLS 120/277V 23" BAR

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SKU: IL-2325FSG-120

The ILUMINAR iLW series LED was specifically created to help with leafy greens, herbs and low clearance indoor horticultural environments. The iLWs sleek low profile engineering allows it to be equipped in low clearance vertical agricultural farms and defoliated area micro green environments making it the ideal LED for most organic farmers to choose. The iLW is available in 40W, 60W and 80W configurations and each LED array in length for each model is 47 inches. The available efficacies in the iLW are from 2.1 µmol/j to 2.7 µmol/j with the ability to push out up to an outstanding 200+ µmol/s per iLW unit. With all of these design features and low heat coefficient to the mass of the fixture, the iLW is one of the most versatile LEDs offered in the ILUMINAR LED lineup.