ILUMINAR ILI8 2.6 660W 1716UMOLS 120/277V 8 RAIL LED FO

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SKU: IL-1826FSG-120

The ILUMINAR iLi8 is available in 660W with efficacy in 2.4 and 2.6 µmol/j with 2.8 µmol/j option upon request. The ILUMINAR iLi8 produces up to 1716+ µmol/s with a full cycle growth and bloom spectrum, eliminating the need to ever change your light spectrum. The ILUMINAR iLi8 is an ideal fixture for multiple indoor settings including vertical multi-rack facilities, large canopy rolling bench layouts, or even smaller hobby grower with needs for indoor agricultural tents or limited plant counts. The ILUMINAR iLi8 punches through the LED glass ceiling with the option of 15% more micromole per-joule output than the competition, giving the crop the highest µmol/s at the lowest investment. The iLi Series of LED is the perfect this year for any facility, commercial grower or even the hobbyist that is looking for the best performing LED to fit their facility.