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SKU: HGCCA732630

The original organic-based flavor and aroma enhancing supplement. Add Pure Blend® Tea to any nutrient program to increase flavors, aromas, and terpene production.

Pure Blend Tea is an organic-based compost tea solution that is formulated to naturally enhance terpene profiles in your crops.

Main Features:

• Greatly improves crop quality.
• Maximizes terpene production, aroma and flavor profiles in plants.

• Complements mineral-based nutrients with highly available carbon-based inputs.

• Provides a valuable carbon source that beneficial microorganisms need to thrive.

• High chelation capacity maximizes yields by increasing nutrient uptake.

• Will not cause clogging or residual build up in the reservoir or feed lines.

• 100% water soluble for quick absorption and immediate results.

• Suitable for all growing methods.

• Benefits all fruits, flowers, vegetables, and herbs