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SKU: CP-1046

In 2020, we moved away from offering separate wet and dry tumblers and now offer a Dual-Purpose Hybrid tumbler instead. The Dual-Purpose Hybrid tumbler has been extensively tested and found to trim wet product better than our old 1/8” Wet Tumbler and dry product better than our old 1/4″ Dry Tumbler.

The unique Quantanium coating does not require sprays or oils. This surface prevents trichomes from adhering to the tumbler resulting in 40% greater trichome preservation and less downtime for cleaning! Sprays can damage the natural flavors and aromas of the strain, but the non-stick surface of our Quantanium tumblers does not alter these components in any way. In addition, it optimizes harvesting as less downtime is required to clean the tumbler throughout the day. Click here to learn more!