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Let it grow, let it grow, let it—blow. Regular air movement is integral to the health and growth of your plants, especially if you’re partial to gardening inside. Never worry about stifling your gorgeous indoor garden plants with stale, stagnant air when you have the Hydrofarm Active Air 16-Inch Mountable Oscillating Grow Fan.

Sun, water, air—these three components are necessary for nearly every plant to grow. While providing enough light and water is rather straightforward, having ample air circulation, however, can be more of a challenge within controlled growing spaces. This oscillating grow fan was specifically inspired by and made for green-thumb enthusiasts who want to the bring the gardening indoors.

This 55-watt grow fan features 16-inch blades capable of circulating air up to 2224 CFM. If your grow room temperature or humidity gets out of hand, you can quickly switch between 3 speed settings for greater air circulation volume. Plus, with 90-degree oscillation, this fan gives you greater circulation across your indoor garden and prevents stratification of your grow room’s air.

You can easily operate this oscillating fan thanks to 2 pull chains that control the speed and oscillation movement, and with a power cord measuring 6 feet in length, you’ll be able to reach any outlet you have. This oscillating grow fan quickly mounts to the wall for space-saving convenience. Simply install the mounting bracket with 2 two tapping screws and firmly press the grow fan on once finished.

With this powerful grow fan, your plants will love the fresh, gentle flow of air across their leaves, and you’ll love how much better they grow now that they can breathe easy. Let it blow, let it blow—let it grow with the Active Air 16-Inch Oscillating Grow Fan from Hydrofarm.