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    1000 watt high-pressure sodium ballast kits to replace existing core and coil ballasts. These are for standard HPS lamps and have everything you need to replace worn out ballasts. This is one of the highest wattages available for this light source. These are for standard HPS lamps and have everything you need to replace your failed ballast. This is probably one of the highest wattage high-pressure sodium ballast kits that you can purchase. Many people have used these for situations like high mast lighting, parking lots, large flood lights or wall packs and still want to maintain those high-pressure sodium light fixtures. If you're wondering whether your HPS ballast is bad, there are a couple of things to consider. If the light is cycling on and off, that doesn't mean that the ballast is bad. All it means is that the light bulb needs to be changed. Over time, high-pressure sodium light bulbs require more voltage than a ballast can supply, and when that happens, they will cycle on and off. Once it cools down, it'll kick on again. So what you need to do at the earliest possible convenience is change the bulb, and that will take care of the on and off cycle. If you've done that and the lamp won't light, it probably means that you need a new ballast kit. They are a consumable item, and they do wear out and need to be replaced. If you have something say 10 to 15-years old, it probably needed to be replaced. These are reasonably priced and readily available and will continue to be so. They're easy to replace, and you'll know them when you see that copper winding or aluminum core which is very heavy. That is what the ballast is, and it's not difficult to replace by an electrician. It comes with all the mounting hardware you will need to place these correctly in the fixture, and it will ultimately give you a new functioning light fixture again.

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