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SKU: 8710005

CANNA Peat Mix is a two component fertilizer (A&B), developed for use with common, general usage non-fertilized peat based mixes. This fertilizer is a complete base nutrient and highly concentrated, with a recommend dosage of 1-2 ml/Litre, which means that these bottles go for a long way!
The Peat Mix Fertilizer is a "single stage" high quality formula, which means that it is designed to be used throughout the vegetative and flowering phase which makes it very easy to use for all peat-mix growers. Obviously all CANNA additives are compatible with the fertilizer.

The highly concentrated compounds of A&B conflict with each other when mixed together resulting in an unusable solution. The compounds must be added to the nutrient water separately to avoid this reaction.
There is currently no applicable warranty for this product