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SKU: 700490

Klimaire has created the ultimate home comfort system for easy to install air conditioner in any area. Klimaire backs this up with his proffesional support and limited warranty of 5 years compressor, and 1 year of parts since 1999 to bring you peace of mind year after year.Klimaire's Allure series (KSWS), ductless mini-split systems are the perfect solution to variety of installation challenges, allowing installers the ability to place ductless mini-split units in locations that were previously impractical or impossible. Klimaire's Allure series ductless mini split system are compact, slim designed and the most economical models in the Klimaire model line up.These sleek and atractive units are available in 4 different capacities 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, 24,000 Btu. Since they consist of two parts, the outdoor portion and the indoor portion, similar to regular split units but smaller in size, the two units are connected to each other by means of refrigerant and electrical lines. They run together with condensate drain line through a small hole in an exterior wall generally 3" in diameter or less.In addition to eliminating the need for ducting, one of the other great advantages of Klimaire KSWS ductless mini plit system is true zone control for individual comfort. The indoor fan coil unit is dedicated to the room being conditioned allowing a temperature and a humidity level to be kept different from the rest of the house or the building.Its wireless remote controller allow the users through its on board computer to select many comfort options such as: swing ON/OFF, 3 automatic fan speed control to acomodate user's needs.Klimaire ductless mini-split systems are a real cost efficient, flexible, quiet and attractive solution to provide a smart, peaceful alternative to both window and central air conditioners, for locations where no duct is available, in residences, offices, or commercial buildings, new or existing, and additions.