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SKU: 20-73300

ALL BRASS SHUT-OFF VALVE - Made from high grade full brass material machined to form 1 solid piece, without glued, riveted, or compressed parts in the main body, preventing leaks and cracks to develop.
LARGE CONTROL KNOB FOR WATER SHUTOFF - Long ergonomic handle designed at an angle allows easy grip and smooth operation when turning. Easy water flow control with a simple quarter turn even with wet hands, eliminating the need for wrench or pliers.
HEAVY-DUTY SINGLE SHUT OFF VALVE - Solid and thick metal construction compared to other low quality brass connector or plastic shutoffs, allowing it to withstand high pressure, temperature, and frequent daily use.
STANDARD GARDEN BALL VALVE - Hose extension that can connect directly to any GHT hose sprayer or washer, best for providing water control right at your fingertips.
MAXIMIZED WATER FLOW - 1/2 inch diameter brass chromed ball valve that won't restrict water flow unlike other hose extension with only 1/4" to 3/8" opening, designed to provide high flow operation from an outdoor faucet to any compatible hose nozzle attachment.