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    Botanicare'sKind Grow, NPK (2-2-4), wass designed to promote a lush healthy canopy and optimize root growth in your plants. It is the one part of a three-part nutrient system that allows for 100% customization. Rich with minerals and a blend of all-natural ingredients, its main purpose is targeted for the vegetative period of the growth cycle. With a blend of Kind Base + Kind Grow, your plants will have the optimal nitrogen-to-potassium ratio for quickly flowering annuals. Since calcium and magnesium are separated from the trace minerals, Kind will provide your plants with ideal nutrition in the perfect doses. This three-part nutrient will help you meet the precise demands of your plants and you are in complete control! Application Rate: Seedlings/Cones ? Week 1- 4ml Vegetative ? Week 1- 8ml ? Week 2- 10ml ? Week 3- 12ml Bloom Transition ? Week 1- 0 ? Week 2- 0 ? Week 3- 0 Flowering/Fruiting ? Week 4- 0 ? Week 5- 0 ? Week 6- 0 ? Week 7- 0 Ripening ? Week 8- 0

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