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Do you need a nutrient to accelerate maximize crop yields, flower sets, and encourage healthy branch and stalk development?'sBotanicare KIND Bloom's(NPK 0-6-6) is your answer. Because this nutrient has a optimal phosphorous-to-potassium ratio, it provides your plants with higher potassium levels to increase biomass and amplified phosphorous levels to promote flower initiation. It is specifically designed for fast-growing annuals and allows you to customize your dosage to the correct amount during peak flowering and ripening phases without any additional boosters. By maximizing both yield and quality, KIND Bloom is what you need for your most luscious flowering annuals yet. By adjusting the ratios of the nutrients - for example increasing KIND Bloom and lowering KIND Base - it limits the amount of nitrogen available without compromising trace minerals or magnesium, resulting in maximum quality, yield and fruit swelling. Application Rate: Seedlings/Cones ? Week 1- 4ml Vegetative ? Week 1- 0 ? Week 2- 0 ? Week 3- 0 Bloom Transition ? Week 1- 10ml ? Week 2- 10ml ? Week 3- 15ml Flowering/Fruiting ? Week 4- 15ml ? Week 5- 15ml ? Week 6- 16ml ? Week 7- 16ml Ripening ? Week 8- 12ml