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Stellar Wholesale Inc.

Stellar Wholesale Inc proudly distributes some of the best brands in the hydroponics, greenhouse and garden industry to retailers and commercial growers across Canada. Over the years, Stellar has evolved to be one of the industry's preferred supplier.


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Mighty Bloom Enhancer

Developed specifically to increase your crop’s yield potential, Mighty Bloom Enhancer gives flowering plants exactly what they need to excel and build weight. Mighty Bloom Enhancer encourages more female flowering sites, heavier fruit and even works as a hardener. When you use MBE to boost your yield, you will send your plant a powerful signal that the time has come to convert all its previous growth and energy storage into bud weight. When your plant receives this signal, it activates the natural process of taking stored carbohydrates and minerals and moving them to be used by the rapidly expanding flower buds giving them the maximum nutrition and size.    Works in conjunction with Head Masta to further improve flavors, aromas and the overall quality of your crop.

Head Masta

Head Masta ensures that these plant made quality factors are produced way beyond normal levels, this is the key to your increased quality. Head Masta also adds weight producing silicon to flower cells and finally, increases its thirst for potassium, making it bound to the luxury consumption of this important yield enhancer. Head Masta is a sure fire way to get exceptional quality with improved flavors and aromatics from your high yielding crop. Use in conjunction with    Mighty Bloom Enhancer   to get heavy, high quality flowers every cycle!

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Regen - A - Root

Regenaroot stimulates monster root growth while boosting the naturally occurring immune defenses of plant root systems. Instead of containing rooting hormones, Regenaroot contains the required precursors for naturally occurring plant Auxins. This approach guarantees phenomenal root development without sacrificing top growth, making it safe to use throughout both vegetative and flowering stages. Regenaroot is designed to work throughout your plant’s entire life cycle and not    just the vegetative period, stimulating MASSIVE healthy roots that just don’t stop growing!    Can be used in all types of hydroponic, soil and coco based systems.    A lush, healthy, productive root system every time is CX Horticulture’s guarantee to you   .  

Mighty Growth Enhancer

A healthy, vigorous growth phase is essential in building the foundations that lead to big yields. Growth Enhancer increases the leaf size and chlorophyll density of your plants, accelerating their rate of vegetative growth. Additionally, Growth Enhancer boosts sugar levels and enhances protein production which results in an overall increased production capacity. This increased production capacity leads to a much tougher and more durable plant able to sustain an    increased final yield   .  

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For over 15 years, Stellar Wholesale Inc has been proudly distributing hydroponic, greenhouse and garden products exclusively to retailers and commercial growers. Over the years Stellar has grown and evolved to be the preferred supplier for some of the best quality brands in the industry.

Stellar’s roots were firmly planted many years ago when , in the early 80’s, the Hammond family opened one of the first retail hydroponics stores, Solar Greenhouse & Hydroponic Supply. The original store was opened and operated by Jenny and Ron and then later managed by their son, Scott .

In the late 1990s Jenny recognized that she needed to keep pace in a rapidly changing industry, so the decision was made to look for a business partner to compliment Scott’s strong operational skills. Allison Ayles was brought on board as a financial business manager focused on future business diversity and development. Shortly  thereafter it became apparent to Allison and Scott that in order to develop as planned the company needed to separate the wholesale operations from the retail business. Jenny and Ron were consulted and the end result was a company split, a new partnership, and the creation of Stellar Wholesale Inc.

With our vast knowledge of retail hydroponic operations our customers can rely on Stellar to provide the very best service this industry has to offer. We are one of the few distributors who offer same day delivery service locally and overnight service throughout B.C. Stellar Wholesale is also proud to distribute many excellent products from quality manufacturers. We evaluate and choose our products carefully so we can provide retail stores with innovative and quality goods. Our long standing policy of only selling to retail stores in the garden industry has assured our customers that we are here to support and help them grow their retail market.


We care about and value our customers. We want to help our customers. We actively work to understand our customers and provide superior customer service!

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