Our goal at Stellar Wholesale Inc. is to remain open, provide phone service and continue same day delivery of our products.
To protect the health and wellbeing of all we are adopting the precautions put forward by Health Canada and BC Center for Disease Control.

Stellar Wholesale Inc.

Stellar Wholesale Inc proudly distributes some of the best brands in the hydroponics, greenhouse and garden industry to retailers and commercial growers across Canada. Over the years, Stellar has evolved to be one of the industry's preferred supplier.


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The iLi6 LED horticultural light ups the ante with more micromole per-joule output than its competitors allowing you to have a higher quality yield without sacrificing wattage.


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    Welcome Cutting-Edge Water Filtration Technology

    HydroLogic Purification Systems® specializes in a wide range of professional quality water purification products designed for many uses. We have the most efficient water purifiers in the industry, saving water, time and money. From the backyard gardener to professional coffee roaster, our diverse customer base appreciates our cutting-edge technology, simple set-up, affordable pricing and of course, amazing results. We pride ourselves on being an earth-friendly company and utilize local resources and labor for the majority of our products. We source as many USA made components as feasible. Many of our systems, like the Evolution-RO™ and HyperLogic Commercial RO, are completely manufactured in the USA. We pioneered the “reverse-ratio” technology that saves 75% of the drain water that comparable RO systems waste and we incorporate earth friendly, green technologies like our green coconut carbon filter, made from eco-friendly coconut husks rather than traditionally mined carbon. Now anyone can enjoy unlimited amounts of crystal-clear water in their home, garden, or for their business and achieve the best results possible

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            For over 15 years, Stellar Wholesale Inc has been proudly distributing hydroponic, greenhouse and garden products exclusively to retailers and commercial growers. Over the years Stellar has grown and evolved to be the preferred supplier for some of the best quality brands in the industry.

            Stellar’s roots were firmly planted many years ago when , in the early 80’s, the Hammond family opened one of the first retail hydroponics stores, Solar Greenhouse & Hydroponic Supply. The original store was opened and operated by Jenny and Ron and then later managed by their son, Scott .

            In the late 1990s Jenny recognized that she needed to keep pace in a rapidly changing industry, so the decision was made to look for a business partner to compliment Scott’s strong operational skills. Allison Ayles was brought on board as a financial business manager focused on future business diversity and development. Shortly  thereafter it became apparent to Allison and Scott that in order to develop as planned the company needed to separate the wholesale operations from the retail business. Jenny and Ron were consulted and the end result was a company split, a new partnership, and the creation of Stellar Wholesale Inc.

            With our vast knowledge of retail hydroponic operations our customers can rely on Stellar to provide the very best service this industry has to offer. We are one of the few distributors who offer same day delivery service locally and overnight service throughout B.C. Stellar Wholesale is also proud to distribute many excellent products from quality manufacturers. We evaluate and choose our products carefully so we can provide retail stores with innovative and quality goods. Our long standing policy of only selling to retail stores in the garden industry has assured our customers that we are here to support and help them grow their retail market.

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            We care about and value our customers. We want to help our customers. We actively work to understand our customers and provide superior customer service!

              #602 - 19055 Airport Way, Pitt Meadows. V3Y 0G4 Canada.


             [email protected]


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